Holding the third meeting the "Hamfekr"(consultation)

Holding the third meeting the "Hamfekr"(consultation)

The third session of a series of similar meetings was held on "Designing the Business Model" with the presence of Dr. Mohammad Abedzadeh and their explanations in this regard. In this application, the various sections of a business were discussed. It also emphasizes the things that one needs to study further before starting a business.
It is worth mentioning that similar meetings are held with the goals of familiarization with the basic concepts of business, familiarity with the start-up defenition, exchange and transfer of experiences, networking and ... especially in the field of information technology. The two previous sessions discussed startups and their significance.
The timing of the next meeting through the city's news channels on social networks or the website of the Tabas business incubator website will be made available to the public at tabas.skstp.ir.


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